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Bigfoot Cross Museum
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The Museum

From the path of "sinful humanity" to Calvary. From all over the world to Goa.

In the year 2006, an unusual collection of crosses, from all over the world, made its way to Goa in India.

Maendra Alvares, who is the collector, brought home over 250 crosses that are beautiful, each one different and unique. He bought most of these crosses during his travel through eight different European countries in the same year. He then added to this collection by visiting homes in Goa. Many people generously gifted crosses they owned, to help swell this collection.

Maendra then kept adding crosses made of different materials. This was the beginning of a unique and unusual journey, the first of its kind in these parts of the world. It is not just a collection housed in a museum, but a journey through the history of the cross and its various modifications, to suit different and specific beliefs and cultures, through the ages. These crosses are classified according to the legends in a book titled "In Search" which enables the visitor to trace and enjoy joy the intricate differences of each cross, and also know the legends behind each of famous Goan countryside crosses.

This unusual collection of crosses was inaugurated on the 24th September 2006, by His Excellency Shri S.C. Jamir, The Governor of Goa in the presence of Shri Digambar Kamat, Minister for Art and Culture.

The Exhibit is presently housed in a museum adjacent to "Ancestral Goa", the Big Foot, in Loutolim. There are 80 classifications of crosses housed here. In panels with transparent enclosures, which makes it easy for viewing and studying the exhibits.

This museum was formally inaugurated by His Eminence Paul Cardinal Poupard, in the same year.

The "Cross Collection" besides being the first of its kind. is also amongst one of the most unusual collections. At present the classified collection boasts of 1458 crosses.


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